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TU1103 : Operation and safety of tramways in interaction with public space

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Friday 12 July 2013

WG1: Institutional and regulatory aspects

Since our Action has begun half a year ago, Working Group 1 has produced many documents linked with institutional and regulatory aspects:

  • Global view per country
  • Regulation frame for EU Level and per country at national/regional/local levels
  • Glossary with words, definition for each, translation in each language and pictures
  • Support technical documents and existing studies (list + documents)

The group is constituted by :
- SCHRÖTER Reinhold (WG1’s leader),
- GARCIA Antonio,
- FONTAINE Laetitia,
- GAIVOTO Carlos,
- INTURRI Giuseppe,
- ROOS Robert Jan,
- ULLMANN Markus,
- VANA Michal,

To contact them : webmaster@tram-urban-safety.eu

As we detected a language issue and the potential for misunderstandings or mistranslations, we decided to include a glossary (not a dictionary) on main terms in the original language and their descriptions in English (tramway, LRT, mixed zones, segregated line...) It has been developed with the definition of terms, their translation in every language and illustrated with pictures. The glossary will continue to be completed during the next phase of the Action; it’s a living document.

Regulation frame:
We focused on legal structure - main laws, general regulations and complementary rules as surrounding guidelines and requirments.
We gathered all these in tables that each country has completed, and a table with EU regulation has been included as well.
For each regulation, the main philosophy has been detailled and a summary made, with safety references.

The regulation frame is quite difficult to analyse, as there is a lot of information.

Global view:
In this part a summary (about 4 pages) of the regulation philosophy of each country has been prepared, with a very general overview. Some general questions are answered on four main topics: national tram networks, main regulation & philosophy on tram safety, actors and tram urban insertion issues, as for instance, the existence or not of LRT priority by law, the most typical places where accidents takes place, etc. A synthesis has been made (one question, all countries’ answers).

The final analysis on these data is in progress.

The bibliography has been structured in two parts: one related to safety and the other related to LRT in general. It will be evolving during the whole Action.

All these documents have been completed by all countries (countries who has recently joined the Action should provide information in a short time) and remain to be validated. This is our last mission for the next month, with the analysis’s finalisation.
Soon, more information on this website.

WG1 members - Berlin meeting (June 2013):

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Partners involved in the action