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Monday 19 August 2013

WG2 : Data collection on accidents

Aims of the WG2:

This one deals with tools and mechanisms for data collection and processing, at various levels, criteria of analysis, indicators and results.

During the debates, it has been decided to focus on tools and mechanisms of data collection, and also not to restrain gathering information on accidents data

A Guideline for description of tram safety data and use has been set up, in order to get an homogeneous presentation of each country’s situation. Here are the contents :

  • General items: organisation – context sources and types of data and information
  • Statistical accidents data from operators
  • Statistical accident data from other sources
  • Accidents reporting
  • Emergency braking recording
  • Occurrence books
  • Video recording

A list of indicators has also been identified, for which a table sheet should be filled in by all partners, to geive information about relevance and use of theses ones :

  • Global data and indicators
  • Geographical indicators
  • Typological indicators
  • Economic indicators

The results of this collect of information will be gathered in the Work Phase 1 report.

WG2 members during Berlin meeting (June 2013):

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Partners involved in the action