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TU1103 : Operation and safety of tramways in interaction with public space

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Monday 15 July 2013

WG3 : Infrastructure design

Aims of the WG3:

The focus of this working group is on infrastructure design. The group has first to identify the different documents dealing with urban insertion, to typify the layouts and evaluate if it is integrated or imposed to the system. A typification and an organisation of the documents will also be necessary.

To overcome the language problem, a short abstract of each document will be made. If some documents need to be translated, the WG3 will propose it to the TU1103 MC.

This WG aims at collecting the good and bad practices and to understand the implementation process of LRTs, including the main actors and disciplines involved.

Working Group 3 has produced:

  • A definition and a list of interaction points (where the risks are higher due to the interaction with other street users)
  • Urban insertion data collection (examples of good and bad practices on interaction points) on:
    • Stations
    • Layouts between stations
  • List of European tram networks

WG3 members - Berlin meeting (June 2013):

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Partners involved in the action