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TU1103 : Operation and safety of tramways in interaction with public space


Thanks to all, here is the updated and probably final list of participants:

  • Céline Avril (France)
  • Ana-Paula Bouchereau (France)
  • Laetitia Fontaine (France)
  • Lars Forsting (Denmark)
  • Emmanuel Jubin (France)
  • Axel Kuehn (Germany)
  • Anthony Loui (USA)}
  • Klara Macsinka (Hungary)
  • Christian Marti (Switzerland)
  • Marine Millot (France)
  • Franck Monti (France)
  • Reddy Morley (Ireland)
  • Margarita Novales (Spain)
  • Michael Rosenberger (Germany)
  • Manuel Teixeira (Portugal)
  • David Walmsley (United Kingdom)
  • Tony Young (United Kingdom)
  • David Zaidel (Israel)

Philippe Raccurt from Keolis-Lyon will join the group to ,lead t-he technical visit.

I’m sure that participating tu1103 partners will offer their best welcome to UTF new members Céline from Cerema (France) Ana-Paula from Certifer (France), Lars from Metro Copenhaguen (Denmark), Axel Kuehn (Consultnat, Germany) and Anthony from US Department Of Transportation (USA).

You may find details regarding attendees stay in Lyon (travel time, hotel) in the following table.

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updated 31/10/2016 15h00

Some other people are interested in our networking activities, but can’t join the group this time...

  • Maarten Duhoux (Belgium)
  • Carlos Gaivoto (Portugal)
  • Elge Herlandsen (Denmark)
  • Amal Kammachi (Belgium)
  • Dirk Langesiepen (Germany/UITP)
  • Mathias Sdun (Denmark)
  • Dominique Schmitt (France)
  • Cees Smit (Netherlands)
  • Matus Sucha (Czech republic)
  • Hans Vilhelm Tausen (Denmark)
  • Paulo Taveira (Portugal)
  • Raf Van Genechten (Belgium)
  • Johannes Yezbek (Austria)

Partners involved in the action