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TU1103 : Operation and safety of tramways in interaction with public space

Agenda & documentation


Here is the list of proposed topics, for wich a (short) presentation by one attendee would be followed by a debate.
Presentations or any other useful documents related to those items are attached when available

  • Inputs from France
    • Study results : "Pedestrians’ safety in streets with tram", based on Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nantes, Rouen and Strasbourg ’s accidents (Marine MILLOT, Cerema)
  • Inputs from Germany
    • Study report : “speed limits for tramways in pedestrian zones and mixed areas" - analysis in 4 countries (Axel KUEHN)
      PDF - 4.6 Mb
    • German experience of trans-borders tram projects (Basel and Strasbourg) (Michael ROSENBERGER, Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart)
  • Inputs from Hungary
    • Design parameters of passenger platforms to tramlines (Klara MACSINKA, St Istvan University)
    • Latest tram-accidents experienced in Budapest this year (Klara MACSINKA, St Istvan University)
  • Inputs from Switzerland
    • Swiss tram safety (Christian MARTI, ETH Zurich)
    • Research activities : influencing factors on “left turn” collisions between cars and trams - ongoing thesis (Christian MARTI, ETH Zurich)
  • Inputs from Ireland
    • Operation feedback : Safety issues experienced on the Dublin Tram system in the past year (Reddy MORLEY, Transport Infrastructure Ireland)
    • Research : red light infringements on the Luas system (Reddy MORLEY, TII)
  • Current and small questions - varied topics
    • passengers accidents - France
    • tram surfing
    • CEREMA ongoing studies
  • inputs from UITP (Dirk LANGESIEPEN)
    • UITP Knowledge Brief "LRT - A Safe Means of Transport" (2016)
      PDF - 371.6 kb

      The Working Group Safety of UITP decided to update a former publication with current statistics concerning the overall safety comparison between motorized traffic and tramways.

    • UITP Report "Safety Management by Operators" (2016)
      PDF - 563 kb

      Following a current discussion within the UITP Lightrail Committee, the aim was to illustrate and describe the general organization of safety management for Operators. The report shows no benchmarks but different experiences concerning different approaches.

    • Report on UITP Workshop "Can Driver Assistance System (DAS) deliver safer LRT?" (2015)
      PDF - 478.3 kb

      The UITP Lightrail Committee covers current topics and prepares the Information for members. Current technical achievments in the automotive industry were presented. Possible fields of implementation were discussed for the field of tram systems.

    • Table of Operators, intending to implement an DAS System (October 2016)
      Excel - 12.9 kb

      To keep an overview of the current market situation, a quick surevy of operators was started on the topic of DAS implementation. If anyone have any further Information on additonal operators, who are intending to implement a DAS System, we would be very happy, if you provide us with Information.

Technical visit

Overview of some core points of the local tramway network.
Expected route :

  • T3/Rhonexpress rapid tram line : from Part Dieu station to "Gre de Villeurbanne" stop (and back)
  • T4 from Part Dieu to Jet d’eau
  • T2 on cours Berthelot (turn_on issues junction)
  • T1 from Perrache to Debourg (travel back to Part Dieu on Metro B line)
PDF - 1.2 Mb
Technical visit program

See TCL and Rhonexpress for general information

Partners involved in the action