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TU1103 : Operation and safety of tramways in interaction with public space

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(Latest update : 7 December 2015).

Tram services are major tools for transport management and supports for urban development :

  • they constitute structuring lines of transport networks
  • they are generally operated with a high level of service

For these systems, safety is a critical issue...

  • as far in a direct way with consequences for victims,
  • as indirectly through a big impact on the transport systems and urban functioning

Primary causes of tram accidents are the conflicts with other public space’s users
Accidents are

  • often spectacular
  • overexposed in the media
  • sometimes serious

So, tramways’ urban insertion is a key element to reduce accidents’ impacts...

Through this COST action, we intend to contribute to this goal, by optimizing infrastructure design, traffic handling and users behaviour.

To achieve this, we have in mind a collective approach involving all types of transport actors to share :

  • encountered problematics,
  • feed back and experiences.

We thus hope we’ll be able to point out

  • good practices in design and running
  • bad interactions between LRT and urban space

Partners involved in the action