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TU1103 : Operation and safety of tramways in interaction with public space

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(Latest update : 7 December 2015).

35 entities from 15 countries (including UITP) are now involved in this Action...

COUNTRY ENTITY Status Contact comments
30 AUSTRIA (Graz) City of Graz Local authority Gerhard ABLASSER
35 AUSTRIA (Vienna) Wiener linien network operator Stephan LEWISCH
1 BELGIUM (Hasselt) Hasselt University (IMOB) Public research institution Marjolein DE JONG IMOB is a transportation research institute
31 BELGIUM (Brussels) Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB) tram network operator Amal KAMMACHI
2 CZECH REPUBLIC (Prague) Transport Research Centre (CDV) Public research institution Michal VANA Grand holder for TU1103
3 CZECH REPUBLIC (Olomouc) Palacky University n Olomouc Public research institution Matus SUCHA
4 FRANCE (Lyon) CERTU State technical agency Dominique BERTRAND
5 FRANCE (Grenoble) STRMTG State technical agency Laetitia FONTAINE Ms Fontaine is Chair of the Action
6 FRANCE (Paris) TRANSAMO Engineering & transport service operation group Dominique SCHMITT as representative of UTP (association of French tram operators)
7 FRANCE (Aix en Provence) Cete Méditerranée Public engineering centre Marine MILLOT
1 GERMANY (Stuttgart) Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart Oberbaurat Michael ROSENBERGER
9 GERMANY (Stuttgart) Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG tram network operator Reinhold SCHRÖTER
10 GERMANY (Cologne) VDV: Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen association of German operators Volker DEUTSCH
11 GERMANY (Berlin) Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft German Insurance Association Jean Emmanuel BAKABA
12 HUNGARY (Budapest) Szent Istvan University public research institution Klara MACSINKA
13 IRELAND (Dublin) Railway Procurement Agency state agency Derek TIERNEY
34 ISRAEL (Haifa) 4sight, Ergonomics & Safety Ltd Engineering and design office David ZAIDEL
14 ITALY (Catania) University of Catania Public research institution Matteo IGNACCOLO
15 ITALY (Reggio di Calabria) Mediterranea University Public research institution Domenico GATTUSO
16 NETHERLANDS (Amersfoot) ARCADIS Engineering and design office Robert Jan ROOS
17 POLAND (Warsaw) Road and Bridge Research Institute Public research institution Jacek MALASEK
33 POLAND (Warsaw) Warsaw University of Technology Public research institution Stanislaw RADKOWSKI
32 POLAND (Warsaw) Warsaw trams Public Transport Company Sebastian TUSZYNSKI
19 PORTUGAL (Porto) Metro do Porto SA. Public Transport Company Joana BAPTISTA Manuel TEIXEIRA, former representative of MdP, is still involved in the Action
20 PORTUGAL (Lisbon) IMT State agency Osvaldo MANSO The Mobilty & transportation institute (IMT) is belonging to the Portuguese Ministry of Economy and Labour
21 SPAIN (Madrid) CONSORCIO REGIONAL DE TRANSPORTES DE MADRID Public Transport regional Authority Tomás MELERO Izquierdo
22 SPAIN (Barcelona) TRAMVIA METROPOLITÀ SA Concessionaire company Joan CARSI
23 SPAIN (A Coruna) University of A Coruña Public research institution Margarita NOVALES
29 SPAIN (Tenerife) Metropolitano de Tenerife Transport service operator Andrés MUNOZ
24 SWITZERLAND (Zurich) ETH Zurich Public research institution Ulrich WEIDMANN
25 SWITZERLAND (Zurich) VBZ Transport service operator Markus ULLMANN
26 UNITED KINDOM (London) UKTram pan-industry body for the tramway industry in the UK David WALMSLEY UKTram is the industry body for light rail in the UK, promoting Trams and Light rail, taking the lead role on all industry matters, and giving impartial advice to promoters, funders, and government
27 UNITED KINGDOM (Manchester) TYC Consultant Tony YOUNG
28 (Brussels) UITP International Association of Public Transport Dirk LANGENSIEPEN international network for PT authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the PT supply and service industry

updated : 30 June 2015

Partners involved in the action